What the Rinks Say

  • " What I like about them is that they are substantial. They can support all sizes and shapes; they literally have to be pushed along which promotes better edge control and develops a more effective stride."

    Georgetown Ice Center, Georgetown, Michigan

  • "The skating aids have been great. All parents of children using them love the color, and how safe and sturdy they are. They also appreciate how their backs are not as strained from trying to hold their children up all the time. We have also noticed how they can assist almost any age of beginner skater. We have even had some adults use them to find their balance."

    Jessica Hall - Arena Team Leader- Westshore Parks and Recreation, Victoria, BC

  • "We are enjoying the skating aids. Families with new skaters really like them and feel comfortable using them. They are a nice visible aid on the ice as compared to the old wire frames of yester year. "

    Jackie Senchyna - Recreation Programmer-

    Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, BC

Ice Scooter in Action

If you are looking for a skating aid for your rink consider the KEZ ice scooter as there is no comparison with other market offerings ie: (pylons, chairs and metal bars). Over 300 arenas in Canada and the US are using the ice scooter.

From California to Florida – Vancouver to New York arenas throughout North America are choosing the Ice Scooter as the safe skating aid for their facility. The ice scooter features a recessed panel for advertising, it stacks and it will last for years.

They come in royal blue, fire engine red and kelly green. The City of Vancouver was the first customer for KEZ Recreational Products they now have over 80 ice scooters in their city arenas.

12KEZ Ice Scooters Features:

  • SAFETY - It's the safest training aid available
  • STURDY - It's durable, made of molded plastic height 26 inches. Weight 17lbs.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - No maintenance required. No steel bars, foam grips or bolts to replace. It will last for years
  • EASY STORAGE - The units stack on top of each other
  • ADVERTISING OPTION - Each unit has an 8.5 x 11 inch panel on the front where a logo or advertisement can be placed using a sticker.
  • COOL COLOURS - The colours brighten up the rink


The molded plastic ice scooter is made of high quality plastic – it will literally last for years. Each unit is 26 inches high and weighs 17lbs. There is only one size. It's ideal for kids ages 3 – 9.


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The ice scooter has a recessed panel on the front 8.5 x 11 inches where you can put a label. Many rinks have contacted suppliers to get funding for the ice scooters and in return they can offer the advertising space in front of the ice scooter.


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What Parents Say

  • " I didn't like the metal bars - the plastic skate aids seem more sturdy and safe"
  • "These don't tip like the metal bars. They also make my son stand up straight"
  • "I am usually bent over trying to support my 3-year-old, now I can skate along behind her without hurting my back"